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Caring Child

In-person and Telehealth

Using in-person or Telehealth methods Dean Behavioral Consulting, LLC


  • Provide Behavior Therapy services in the home, school, or community setting to children and adolescents diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum, Emotional, or Behavioral Disorder.

  • Utilize a variety of assessment techniques to identify the presence of maladaptive behaviors

  • Complete a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) to determine the function or purpose of maladaptive behaviors

  • Create strength based, individualized, and developmentally appropriate treatment plans to modify identified behaviors across home, school, or community settings

  • Teach parent(s), caregiver(s), and involved professionals how to implement the behavioral interventions listed in the treatment plan

  • Encourage and support the use of natural resources to assist the client in meeting the goals and objectives outlined in the treatment plan

  • Monitor client progress using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), parent/caregiver collected data, monthly treatment reviews, and regular communication with all involved parties

  • Modify treatment plans as often as necessary to be certain the most up to date and effective interventions are being implemented

  • Use a multi system approach to ensure unified services and continuity of care

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